Beatbox Class for SYNTHETIK 2

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Published by metort (mod ID: 1522649)


Introducing the Beatbox! After an attempt to make a revolutionary new audio synthesiser went horribly, horribly wrong, Beatbox forever has to listen to the Metronome, and takes out his anger on nearby androids.

Shooting in time with the beat will create rhythm stacks, which increase damage, armor, and recharge abilities at max stacks.

Dash in time with the beat to instantly recharge.

Core Ability (RMB): Shield Overcharger - Fully restore shields, overcharging them and increasing max shield capacity. Recharges on gaining 10 rhythm stacks.

Specialization Ability (1):

Plasma Shotgun - Fire a deadly plasma shotgun that annihilates all in front of you. Recharges on gaining 10 rhythm stacks.

Mag Load - bypasses reloading and instantly warps ammunition into your gun.

Cymbal Crash - Channel a lightning bolt to all nearby enemies, holding the ability increases its strength. Overcharging will overheat and cause a fiery explosion. Recharges on gaining 10 rhythm stacks.

Passive perks:

Start with the Thrash Rifle: a dual burst sniper with high heat production that consumes shields on shots and regains them on critical weakpoint hits.

$hi£ld$ 4 ¢a$h (lvl 3): spend credits on credit pickup to increase max shields and increase currency gain.

Beatbox synergy (lvl 7): converts assault rifles and submachine guns to burst fire, increases burst count, fire rate and burst delay.

Aligned Capacitors (lvl 15): Increased shield recharge rate, decreased shield recharge delay, and increase maximum shield on weakpoint kills,

Many thanks to Guardian for creating the Thrash Rifle, go check out his Destiny 2 mods!








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