Custom Class: Alchemist for SYNTHETIK 2

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Published by HShot (mod ID: 1533812)


IMPORTANT NOTICE: I will not be working on this version of the mod any further. The current plan is to wait until the Resistance Update to update and add more content to this mod, but I feel it will be better to upload a new version after I can make the necessary tweaks. If you're subscribed, look out for a new version of this mod in the future. I will likely delete this one after the new version releases in future.

Adds a new playable class: the Alchemist, who specializes in inflicting status and sacrificing resources to gain the tactical advantage.

-Adds 4 new status effects
-Features how to make an ability consume unconventional resources, open it up to see for yourself!
-Pretty cool in general (in my opinion, totally not biased)

Note that this is still WIP and that there probably needs to be some balancing tweaks. Feedback is appreciated.

Also to do:
-Class specializatons
-Bug fixes for stuff I'm not aware of yet






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