The Harbingers Path for SYNTHETIK 2

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What you can expect from this class - A spellcaster that happens to also have guns, rather than a gun class that happens to have some abilities. It completely changes how you play the game.

Current Status - Fully playable. The current challenge with the class is not one I can overcome, as it is a programming bug. If a cooldown is struck beyond 0 seconds, it completely flips over back to full length which negates the entire class identity. I've managed to get around it with crafty stacking cooldown process and delayed timers but it still randomly gains cooldown rather than reduces it. Nothing I can do about this one beyond what I'm currently doing.

Current Obvious Bugs 1 - The passive to make you resist your dimension leak isnt perfect, it has an innate un-alterable cooldown timer so its possible to harm yourself with the backlash aoe field generated by Dimension Leak.

Current Obvious Bugs 2 - I don't know how or why this happens, but sometimes bosses die instantly, randomly. You don't even need to be attacking and suddenly the screen flashes and you've won.

Current Obvious Bugs 3 - Any core ability upgrade triggers off of any ability. This is a blanket issue bug that made problems for me from the very start. I can't fix this one, its just a straight up bug.

Current Balance - It's really close to just right. It still has a strong starting floor but its not nearly as powerful as before.

The Harbingers Path

Class Name - Harbinger of Reclamation

Class Description - Mankind was never meant to discover and exploit Chrono technology. It belongs to Someone Else. They want it back, and they've offered you a job. You accepted.

Class Identity - The Harbinger of Reclamation is a play on the classic Blood Magic trope. Everything you cast has a price to pay, but you become an unstoppable whirlwind of destructive power if you can keep up the pace and mitigate the Sacrifices involved.

Class Highlights - Stat Modifiers that stack the longer you keep fueling with them with Sacrifices. High Focus on Abilities over Weapons. Very good against crowds.

Class Weaknesses - Can very easily kill itself. Primarily relies on regeneration over shields. Minimal bonuses to Weapons. Weak to burst damage. Extremely weak to high damage hits.












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